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Membership Payments

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Golf memberships, paid annually or by instalment, are time consuming for the admin team to collect, high value & costly for some of the members to afford and critically important to the finances of the club.

GolfClubSubs Solution:

At GolfClubSubs, our mission centres around making golf membership more accessible while helping the club accounts team manage the membership finances.

We do this by:
  • Pay online and mobile first - members pay securely online in full by card or by instalment, signing up or renewing using their mobile or home computer
  • Remind late payers - the system will automatically remind late payers, allowing the admin team to focus on other duties
  • Live reporting - the stats page allows the club Finance team to oversee and forecast membership income
  • Category management - the system will control age and time related categories automatically moving members when required
  • Bulk renewals - renew all members with one quick process and allow the system to funnel the members through the process

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Our Solutions

Smart Direct Debit

For club's that just want help with instalment payments.

Collect instalment payments automatically.
  • No fee for failures: We don't chase members or the club for failed payments
  • Flexible, fast reporting: See at a glance charts of how much is owing and who has paid
  • Paperless: Members sign up from their own mobile or home PC
  • SMS & Email: Sends automatic reminders to late payers by SMS & Email (no app download required)
  • No more bank reconciliations: The system will automatically check if the payment has been received by the club

Smart Credit

For club's that want to create a credit agreement.

Create credit agreements in seconds with FCA limited permission.
  • Get FCA permission to offer credit to members for membership
  • Club can chase members directly for unpaid instalments
  • Flexible, fast reporting: See at a glance charts of how much is owing and who has paid
  • Paperless: Members sign up from their own mobile or home PC
  • SMS & Email: Sends automatic reminders to late payers by SMS & Email (no app download required)
  • No more bank reconciliations: The system will automatically check if the payment has been received by the club

Smart Membership

For club's that want help with their full membership finance collection.

Manage all renewals, categories and membership funds in one database
  • Choose your preferred card payment gateway from Elavon, AIB MS, Worldpay & more for the best transaction fees you can secure. Supports all gateways on the market.
  • Online instalment and card payments & offline cash, cheque and voucher all managed in one system
  • Powerful, quick and connected: Integrates with HandicapMaster for competitions & handicapping as well as your current tee sheet booking provider.
  • Easy category reporting: At a glance charts and graphs to see membership sign up demographics and payments
  • Credit Control baked in: Chases late payers and late joiners to increase sign up and reduce time to pay while highlighting live issues to the team.

Features & Customer Reviews

Save money on transaction fees

GolfClubSubs lets your club choose your preferred payment provider and secure the best deal in the market. When priced against some providers, you may be able to save over 50% on card fees.

Don't believe us? Ask for a quote today!

Pennard Golf Club

“Pennard switched to GolfClubSubs in March 2019 to manage our members’ instalment payments. The set-up process was simple and well managed. We are extremely pleased with how effective the system is.”

Credit Control - Automated

Managing membership money is key to keeping a golf club running smoothly.

GolfClubSubs helps clubs keep track of late payments from members. This tool sends reminders automatically so staff doesn't have to.

It helps the club get its money on time and lets staff focus more on making the club better. It's a big help for any golf club.

Cambridge Meridian Club

“Cambridge Meridian Golf Club launched a monthly instalment membership payment scheme this year (2018) with GolfClubSubs and the combined feedback from the membership and club administration has been very positive. The system is user friendly for the member and provides the reporting for club accounting. We highly recommend any golf club to explore the GolfClubSubs package.”


With GolfClubSubs, you have advanced reporting at your fingertips.

Our user-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of membership payments in real-time, empowering you to make informed decisions. Dive deep into detailed reports, track payment trends, monitor membership growth, and analyze revenue patterns all in one place.

Our dashboard's intuitive design makes data analysis effortless, enabling you to focus on what truly matters - growing your golf club and enhancing the experience of your members.

Embrace the power of data with GolfClubSubs.

Killarney Golf Club

“The customer support has been excellent with new reports, system updates, and training being provided on demand. Overall, the team at Killarney and the team at GolfClubSubs have partnered really well, together we have modernised the club’s membership management for many years to come.”

Trusted by Clubs in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

At GolfClubSubs, we're committed to making your life easier by handling your membership payment needs. We offer seamless, efficient, and easy-to-use payment solutions that have already won the trust of countless golf clubs across the UK. Join us and transform your membership management today.

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GolfClubSubs streamlines all your membership workflows

Meet The Team

Daniel Halliday
Daniel Halliday

CEO & Lead Developer

"I created GolfClubSubs for 2 reasons. Firstly, as a keen golfer and software developer it frustrated me that my own golf club was still sending out paper renewal letters in the post, meaning I had to drive up to the club to make my annual subs payment when everything else I could handle on my phone.

The second reason was closer to home as my club didn't offer an affordable way for me to spread the cost over the year, which became a priority when my second child came into the picture! They said it would be too much admin, so I decided to solve the admin headache both for my club and for myself as the member / user.

Each day as a developer is about solving problems and building something that wasn't there before. I have loved seeing the direct impact of our work and helping golf clubs across the UK & Ireland develop and grow their membership base."

My LinkedIn Profile
Phil Stewart
Phil Stewart

Sales & Account Manager

My golf journey has been interesting to say the least, with most of it documented on my YouTube channel. I have shot a 58 on a simulator and remain at the time of writing this The Open champion for 2022 yet I have never broken 80 outdoors, much to the amusement of those around me! I freely admit to being a golf addict and as a right handed golfer who currently putts left handed with a broomstick putter I am certainly not your typical golfer.

When I heard about the chance to join the team at GolfClubSubs I didn’t think twice. Opening up access to the game of golf is something I have always been passionate about and to combine my experience from 18+ years of IT sales and account management with my passion for golf is a very natural, and exciting step for me. I will continually strive to understand your needs and to be relied upon to look after your best interest at all times."

My LinkedIn Profile
Louise Halliday
Louise Halliday

HR & Legal

"I'm more of a beginner golfer and looking forward to getting into it more. Having grown up in a golfing family I can see how much a club means to the members and I love being part of making that member - club relationship work for our clients.

My role in HR and Legal involves making our workplace as productive and pleasant as possible. It's a great feeling to know I've made a positive impact on someone's day."

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